Our Services

We clean up waterways in neighborhoods, cities, private land, and more. Don’t wait to have your pond, lake, canal, channel, or reservoir cleaned! 

Lakes & Ponds

Keeping your lake or pond clean and beautiful is more involved than just landscaping. It must stay clear of weeds and debris to prevent unseen health hazards. It doesn’t take long for the shores to become overgrown, becoming a safety issue for anyone who goes near them.

Keeping your lakes and ponds clean is an essential service when it comes to maintaining your property value. A fresh lake or pond keeps your family safe from pathogens and stopping toxic gases from building up. The aquatic weeds that build up on your waterfront can be unsightly and create a hazard. The only solution is to remove this unwanted plant life from the bottom of our waterways, restoring our ponds and lakes to their original condition.

Canals & Channels

Canals & Channels are water roadways that connect us to other bodies of water. Some canals & channels can go unmanaged, leaving it difficult or nearly impossible to maneuver a boat through. It doesn’t take long for the lush vegetation to become so thick for even the smallest boat. There is a way to clean out the excess growth leaving you with a clear and remarkable canal and waterside landscape.

Lousiana is known for it’s long growing season, and unfortunately, some of that growth is the form of aquatic weeds. Every year canals & channels produce unwanted vegetation resulting in boats not being able to access our local lakes. Aquadoc will remove all the aquatic weeds and unwanted plant life from your canal, allowing boats to navigate the waterways again. We not only clear canals & channels but leave the entire shore area free from debris with a well-manicured landscaped so you can be proud of your waterway.

Reservoirs & More

During the summer many families enjoy spending time on the water, with Aquadoc cleanup you can now have a brand new, clean type of fun. By removing all vegetation and restoring the landscape, we can create a fun water experience on your residential or commercial reservoir!

Keeping waterways clean is no easy task. Man-made and natural reservoirs can grow aquatic weeds, unwanted vegetation, and harmful bacteria. We can clean the waterways and remove debris in the process. We service both residential and commercial waterways all throughout Louisiana and surrounding states. No reservoir is too big or too small for Aquadoc to clean!